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When I saw Disney Pixar’s Coco for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The movie struck me hard as few movies have in the past. As an experiment, I went to see it again about 3 months after the initial viewing – and I found that my first reaction to the film – that of unabashed tearing up at the key scene in the film, was not a unique experience.

Why was Coco bringing me to tears? I couldn’t easily put my finger on it. I searched online for some analysis of this film – for someone to explain why this dang thing seemed to be so effective at making me cry. I found little else besides Easter Eggs and discussions on how Mexican culture was portrayed in the film… interesting stuff but I wanted to understand the mechanics of this film’s story telling.

So I guess, I had to write one myself. Here it is. Now if you haven’t seen the movie – you best do before you watch this analysis:

So do I feel satisfied that I have discovered the elements that stir the emotions in me? Yes, but that didn’t take away the magic. I will be making more of these on movies I think might be interesting to study the structure.

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