The History of 20th Century Fox | THE STUDIOS

From Zanuck to Cinemascope, Cleopatra to Century City, Repurt Murdoch to Mickey Mouse – this is the story of one of the most enduring Hollywood Studios around: 20th Century Fox.

Why You Don’t Need to Record in 32 Bit Float….

They say recording 32 bit floating point is a game changer – but that’s only if you didn’t know how to play the game in the first place. I’m not saying it’s not cool but your old 24 bit recorder is plenty capable and I’ll show you how. *** Error – I said 2^32 is […]

What is the Optimal Sampling Rate for Audio? (It’s All About the Aliasing)

Honestly, I don’t actually answer the question in the video. I give some reasons why some engineers say it’s 60 kHz – but that’s about it. What I do cover is Aliasing spurred on by a very interesting question about being the hear the difference between Sine Waves and Square Waves. Sorry for all the […]

Almost every question is an XY Problem +AMA!

I just recently learned this term and now you will too!

The Basics of Setting a Multicamera Stream

Become a supporter on Patreon! New to the world of multicamera live streaming – here’s a run down of all the elements you have to think about and pull together to create a successful multicamera live stream. Thanks to Hollyland Mars 400s for supplying products for this video. Pick up your Hollyland Mars 400S […]

What Non-Creatives Don’t Understand about Motion Picture +AMA

It’s all about choice – and then you can ask me anything and let’s chat.

Do Old Filmmakers Envy the Young? +AMA!

Do you envy the inexperienced? … and ask me anything!

Why Yellow Is So Common for TV Graphics

Yellow! It’s everywhere especially in television graphics. But why? Well let’s seriously overthink it and explore some color theory concepts on why this color is the king of graphics color.

The Pitfalls of Writing History as Narrative

I can’t think of a better click-baity title so that’s all you’re going to get there. I’m going to talk about how I think about writing non-fiction and then we’ll hang out and chat.

This Live Stream is Cinematic because of Letter Box Bars

Accept the reality – that things look more cinematic in 2.39 aspect ratio.