Why You Don’t Need to Record in 32 Bit Float….

They say recording 32 bit floating point is a game changer – but that’s only if you didn’t know how to play the game in the first place. I’m not saying it’s not cool but your old 24 bit recorder is plenty capable and I’ll show you how.

*** Error – I said 2^32 is 4 trillion – it’s 4 billion. But the numbers on screen are fine.

*** I got power and amplitude mixed up. 3dB is double the power – 6dB is double the amplitude (which is 4x the power). But 10dB is 10x the power and 20dB is 100x the power.

*** When I said 32 bit float has 340 undecillion possible values – that’s not correct – it has a RANGE of 340 undecillion from the lowest to the highest – but as for possible values it’s still limited to 32 bits of possible values (4 billion or so)

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