The Marching Band Trick to Steadier Handheld Moving Shots

Support us on Patreon! John dips into his marching band experience for a tip on how to create smoother walking shots regardless of whether you’re going handheld or using a gimbal #Filmmaking #Camera #Handheld #CameraTechniques

Pubcast: February 2019 Night Shift!

Come hang out with us and shoot the breeze for our bimonthly hangout – coming to you this time at night!

Pubcast! (02/9) Day Shift

Come and hang out with us for our day shift pubcast this coming February 9th. Talking all things filmmaking and what’s in the works and answering your secret burning questions

Are Comic Book Superhero Movies Destroying Cinema?

Are there just too many comic book superhero movies? Let’s get into the numbers… If you want to dig through all the movies released in 2018 (wide and limited) check out the Numbers for a list of Domestic Releases for 2018. Here’s the same list for 2017 and the top grossers of 2017. Here’s the list […]

July Pubcast!

Join us for a July Pubcast: a free and open chat session! We’ll dish on our latest work and answer your questions!

June Pubcast!

Join us for a free and open chat session! We’ll dish on our latest work and answer your questions! Full show notes at:

Deconstructing Pixar’s Underrated Masterpiece: Coco | Beat by Beat

When I saw Disney Pixar’s Coco for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The movie struck me hard as few movies have in the past. As an experiment, I went to see it again about 3 months after the initial viewing – and I found that my first reaction to the film – that […]

#FIQLIVE – The IQ Crew PItches a Reality Show

We’re back! And there’s no telling what’s going to walk through that door! Consider becoming a Patron on Patreon: Also help us out by getting a free trial on Audible! And get the first audiobook narrated by John himself: Check out the behind the scenes of our sketch by Nicolo Maserati – […]

#FIQLIVE !!! Our first Episode and a Studio Tour

Join us for our very first FIlmmaker IQ LIVE!!! show. What could passibly go wrong? Still some technical difficulties to figure out – but getting the first one done after all these years of talking about it is a great feeling. Thanks for watching!!! Check out the awesome Quiet Please signs from the Florida Sound […]

Unboxing Our New Camera #IQBiTS

Consider becoming a Patron on Patreon! We unbox our brand new Camera for FIQ! Check out our full write up where I go into more detail on my decision making process here: Also check out our sponsor LensProToGo – thanks to them we can continue to create the kind of content we want […]

The Fundamental Elements of Film Music

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on the Fundamental Elemetns of Music with sauce and bonus material: Explore the role of music in film from it’s importance in silent film to the elements and tools that modern composers use to create music for the silver screen. See […]

The Properties of Camera Lenses

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: With a grounding in science and history, we now dive into the properties of camera lenses and explain the features of the modern camera lens for photography and cinematography from, Focal Length, Aperture, Primes vs. Zooms as well as some specialty features. Take the full Filmmaker IQ course […]