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I Watched Babylon and I hated it…

I thought maybe this time Damien Chazelle would deliver something I could love. Then an elephant took a shit on the camera lens. And that’s just the first two minutes.

Almost every question is an XY Problem +AMA!

I just recently learned this term and now you will too!

Do Old Filmmakers Envy the Young? +AMA!

Do you envy the inexperienced? … and ask me anything!

The Pitfalls of Writing History as Narrative

I can’t think of a better click-baity title so that’s all you’re going to get there. I’m going to talk about how I think about writing non-fiction and then we’ll hang out and chat.

This Live Stream is Cinematic because of Letter Box Bars

Accept the reality – that things look more cinematic in 2.39 aspect ratio.

The Problem with Tech – “It’s Toasted” – LIVE

Function before Tech, but that’s not what drives most online arguments. Plus your chats.

Sorting out some more bits

Just hopping on for a bit to test out the system some more and short hang out.

Live Stream with a Sneak Peek at the New Studio

The new set is almost done but I figured I’d give you a quick look at it. Also your chats!

Early February Hangout

Busy cleaning my studio but I need a break. Let’s hang out and chat. Maybe talk about Wandavision and the Expanse.

LIVE: I love Common Core Math and why it’s important to Filmmaking (REDUX)

I had a wrong setting on my switcher so I’m redoing this talk! Math. Let’s talk about it. I mean why the hell are you watching this channel anyways.