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The Editing Techniques of THE BATMAN

Help support Filmmaker IQ on Patreon! Following up on our “Just One Thing” regarding the One Frame Ahead a trick – we break down and analyze the timing and edits beat by beat of the new “The Batman” trailer – looking for cutting ahead of the beat and CUTTING ON ACTION. #TheBatman #Editing #Filmmaking

Deconstructing Pixar’s Underrated Masterpiece: Coco | Beat by Beat

When I saw Disney Pixar’s Coco for the first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The movie struck me hard as few movies have in the past. As an experiment, I went to see it again about 3 months after the initial viewing – and I found that my first reaction to the film – that […]

How a Director Stages and Blocks a Scene

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: How a director approaches staging and blocking a scene dramatically affects the story – in this experiment at YouTube Space LA, we take a boilerplate police detective script and shoot it directing five different ways with different types of blocking to demonstrate how direction and acting can really […]