Debunking “High Frame Rate in Cinema” Myths

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I’ve gotten so many comments on my Frame Rate videos that I had to do another one address all the false analogies people keep writing…

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History of Frame Rate

A Defense of 24FPS and Why It’s Here to Stay

A 24fps Filmmaker Reacts to Gemini Man in 120FPS

The Joys and Sorrows of Interlacing



#1 Color vs black and white movies 4:09

Want to Know More: FIQ’s lecture of color history:

Edison’s Annabelle Serpentine Dance

Playlist of Early Color Films


The Toll of the Sea


#2 Silent vs Sound 7:28

Want to Know More? FIQ’s History of Sound
Edison’s Kinetophone

The Jazz Singer

Starlit Days at the Lido

Edgar Allen Poe

Wings Tracking Shot


#3 SD vs HD 10:15

4K Restoration of a Buster Keaton’s “The General” (1926)


#4 Film vs Digital 12:19


#5 They’re saying the same thing about 4K 13:34

Steven Yedlin “On Acquistion and Pipeline for High Resolution Exhibition”

Upgrading To 4K HDR TV: How Far You Sit From The Screen Is Critical


#6 Vinyl vs Digital 14:23

High Frame Rate Psychophysics: Experimentation to Determine a JND for Frame Rate


And Other Myths:

1. 24fps looks terrible whenever the camera pans 15:57

Too Many Cooks

Filmmaker Mode

Bad Shining Encoding

General Hospital Promo

#2 I saw a side by side comparison of 24 and 60 and the 60 fps video looks so much better. 19:22

#3 We should switch to 30 frames per second as a good compromise.

#4 Fine, maybe 24 is okay for the theater experience but you should never upload 24 fps for YouTube 22:17

Official Help for YouTube Encoding

Top ten videos on YouTube
#5 3-2 Pulldown is a bad thing 23:42

#6 The problem with high frame rate is filmmakers just don’t know how to use it yet. Hollywood Filmmakers need to experiment more with technology and different frame rates: 26:39


Lucid Dreams of Gabriel

#7 Variable Frame Rates are the Future 29:07

The Larry Sanders Show Promo

Video Game High School

#8 High Frame Rate can’t Make actor’s performances look worse, haven’t you ever seen live theater 32:00

How High-Frame-Rate Technology Killed Ang Lee’s Gemini Man

Motion Smoothing Is Ruining Cinema Filmmakers hate it. Viewers do, too. So why is it the default setting on almost every new TV in America?

Company (DVD)

Want to know more about Acting? FIQ’s Video on the History of Method Acting

#9 Well if the 24 cinematic veneer just covers up a lot of mistakes, that just means Hollywood needs to stop being so lazy and learn to act better and build better sets. 35:23

Jean Renoir Parle De Son Art

#10 You’re just used to 24fps – being used to something is not a good justification for its existence 38:22

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