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Early February Hangout

Busy cleaning my studio but I need a break. Let’s hang out and chat. Maybe talk about Wandavision and the Expanse.

COSMOS – How I Made a No-Budget Sci-Fi Movie

If you’re a filmmaker like me, you’ve always dreamed of directing your own full length feature – finally writing that burning story and taking it from script to screen. But for independent filmmakers like us, that feature debut is the greatest creative challenge we’ll ever face… I know this, because I’ve just done it. My […]

Are Films Worse Now Than They Were in 1972?

Every film buff ought to know that 1972 gave the world what many consider the best film ever made: The Godfather So 1972 must have been a knock out year for cinema – way better than the crap that’s coming out in 2016. Well… let’s go through a few “not so classic films” all which hit […]