Are Films Worse Now Than They Were in 1972?

Every film buff ought to know that 1972 gave the world what many consider the best film ever made: The Godfather


So 1972 must have been a knock out year for cinema – way better than the crap that’s coming out in 2016.

Well… let’s go through a few “not so classic films” all which hit the public in 1972:

Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny

When Santa’s sleigh gets stuck in Florida, he tells a group of kids the story of Thumbelina.

Curse of the Headless Horseman

A phantom horseman who appears every night with a human head tucked under his arm lets it be known that he is searching for eight gunfighters.

The Cremators

An alien life form that is a huge ball of living matter invades earth, and replenishes itself by absorbing people.

Hot Summer Week

Two girls on their way to a hippie encounter session pick up a crazed Vietnam veteran, who might just be the serial killer who is murdering hippies in the area.

Angels’ Wild Women

Rowdy biker women get more than they bargained for after joining a commune.

Invasion of the Blood Farmers

Somewhere in upstate New York, a young woman is terrorized by a group of rural farmers primarily interested in a harvest of blood.

The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here!

The daughter in a family of werewolves decides to put an end to the family curse.

The Night of a Thousand Cats

Millionaire playboy Hugo (whose lack of facial expressions give him the appearance of a Thundercat marionette) flies around Acapulco in his private helicopter to pick up sexy young women.

Blood Freak

A biker comes upon a girl with a flat tire and offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with the girl’s sister, then follows her to a turkey farm owned by her father.

The Magnificent Seven Ride! 

Marshal Chris Adams turns down a friend’s request to help stop the depredations of a gang of Mexican bandits.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

With Peter Sellers, Dudely Moore and Michael Crawford.

Night of the Lepus

Giant mutant rabbits terrorize the southwest!!

Night of the Cobra Woman

Horror story of a beautiful girl turns into a man-eating cobra.

When Women Lost Their Tails

Two tribes of dimwitted cavemen prepare for war against each other.

The Thing with Two Heads

A rich but racist man is dying and hatches an elaborate scheme for transplanting his head onto another man’s body. His health deteriorates rapidly, and doctors are forced to transplant his head onto the only available candidate: a black man from death row.

… and then there’s a bunch of mainstream porno films like Prison GirlsRed Hot Zorro, Night Call Nurses, and Schoolgirl Report Part 4: What Drives Parents to Despair

* * * * *

 Now that’s certainly not an exhaustive list but I’m exhausted already going through it. The hair styles might be different, the budgets might be smaller, but there’s a whole lot of crap up there. The point is, every year there’s going to be a ton of shitty films. Every generation will remember the best and toss out the garbage in the dust bin of history.

Chill out – watch the films you want to watch, don’t watch the films you don’t want to watch. Film will always be film – an evolving human institution of both high and low brow. Things change, but they always stay the same, just enjoy the ride.

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