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Pubcast! September We’re Not Dead Yet!

Come hang out with us for our Day time August Pubcast!

Pubcast! March Night Shift

Come Join us for a hangout and talk about what’s new in our bimonthly Pubcast

Pubcast: Sheltering Cinema – Harley Quinn and More!

You can only watch so much news before your brain turns to mush. And that was BEFORE the pandemic. We’ll talk about Harley Quinn and whatever else you guys are up to and watching.

This Live Stream is Cinematic because of Letter Box Bars

Accept the reality – that things look more cinematic in 2.39 aspect ratio.

FIQ Pubcast (01/11): John’s Pick of Top Movies from 2018

We’re going to try to stick to a regular Pubcast schedule this year – second and fourth Fridays to hang out with you guys. So Happy New Year – let’s get this year of filmmaking started!

Pubcast! August Day-shift Pubcast

Come hang out with us for our Day time August Pubcast!

January FIQ Q&A Hang-out

Join us for a laid back Q&A session with John and Joe and talk about whatever you guys want to talk about.

Pubcast: February 2019 Night Shift!

Come hang out with us and shoot the breeze for our bimonthly hangout – coming to you this time at night!

Pubcast: Talkin’ Sweet Smell of Success

Come be socially distant with me as I talk about one of my favorite films: The Sweet Smell of Success. And answer whatever your burning questions are.

December Pubcast – Now with 10% more K-POP!

Join us for some December foolishness as we wrap up the year – including a sneak peak at the new film which will be released early 2019