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Who’s Who in the Movie Credits

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on Who’s Who on a Movie Set with sauce and bonus material at: Have you ever sat through the end credits waiting for the post-credit teaser and wondered what exactly do all those people do? We’ll break down the positions in […]

The History of the Mockbuster

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Where there are Blockbusters, there will be imitations trying to cash in on an a popular cultural trend. Explore the history of the mockbuster film, from the roots in studio B-pictures, to sound alike films of the digital era, foreign remakes and the legalities of making movies to […]

How Do We Measure an Audience?

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on how we measure audiences with sauce and bonus material at: The success of a film or video is often judged on the size of the audience – but how do we measure that audience? – It’s not always as simple […]

Are Comic Book Superhero Movies Destroying Cinema?

Are there just too many comic book superhero movies? Let’s get into the numbers… If you want to dig through all the movies released in 2018 (wide and limited) check out the Numbers for a list of Domestic Releases for 2018. Here’s the same list for 2017 and the top grossers of 2017. Here’s the list […]

The History of Hollywood Censorship and the Ratings System

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: Take a look at the history of censorship of Hollywood from pressures from progressive groups in films infancy, through the scandal rocked silent film era, the threat of boycotts in the Great Depression and turn from censorship to classification and ratings in the 1960s.

When Can You Use a Trademark Logo in Your Film? – IQBiTS

What’s the rule when using Trademarks and Logos for your Film – I explore the concept of Trademark Fair Use in commercial speech and look at the Rogers Test which is often used to determine if a Trademark use is protected free speech or infringement. If you would like to do more reading on the […]

The Science & History of Popcorn – The Snack that Saved the Movies

Please consider supporting us on Patreon: For some, Popcorn and the Movies just go together. But it hasn’t always been that way. We look at the science and mechanics that make popcorn pop and trace the history of this ancient snack that ultimately rescued the film industry.

How Long Should Your Shorts [Film] Be? #IQBiTS

Well there’s really no answer but we’ll look at the average Oscar Winning Short film and then break down short films into four categories of general lengths to get some perspective on how long a short film should be.

William Fox – The Forgotten Hollywood Mogul | THE STUDIOS

Help support the channel at! You’ve heard his name, but how much do you really know about the mogul that was instrumental to the fall of Edison and the rise of talkies? Grab your popcorn as we dive into the tale of William Fox. If you want more, check out the book: The […]

Voicing for the Background | Film Jobs with Loop Group West

Please consider supporting Filmmaker IQ by becoming a patron on On set, the background actors are suppose to stay silent. But watching a scene take place in a silent restaurant or club isn’t very realistic.. that’s when you call in a Loop Group. Anita Kalathara and Wolfie Trausch of Loop Group West explain what […]

What does a Post Production Executive do? #FILMJOBS

Consider sponsoring us on Patreon! We interview Wes Irwin, Head Post Production Executive at Fox 21 Television studios for some insight into what Executives do in the Film/Television world. Along with his story, Irwin shares his story as well as some insight for others starting out and moving up in the Entertainment Industry. #Filmmaking […]

Cutting it as an Editor in Hollywood | Film Jobs with Lawrence Jordan ACE

Please consider supporting Filmmaker IQ by becoming a patron on Announcing our brand new show FIlm Jobs – where we sit down with industry professionals and talk about how they got where they are and how you can get your foot in the door of the motion picture industry. In this episode we talk […]