John Hess

Filmmaking in the Dark – Behind the Scenes on Pitch Black: A Short Film

Working on a microscopic budget and small crew is always a challenge. But for almost a decade, I’ve been able to make it work for my commercial filmmaking business and my own personal narrative short films. Over the past 9 months, I’ve chronicled my experiences on my latest 23 minute short film “Pitch Black” here on…Read More

Shining a Light on the Canon EOS 1D mkIV – A FilmmakerIQ Exclusive Review

John Hess reviews the Canon EOS 1D mkIV – the latest offering of Canon’s flagship 1D camera. The HD-DSLR camera revolution is about 2 years old now and there’s still a considerable amount of controversy in certain circles surrounding their use. Basically it boils down to two camps – one group of filmmakers who never had access to great equipment who all of a sudden have in their hand a camera that can mimic the look of film. Read More