The Forgotten War for Color Television

Today we know that 29.97 fps is a hallmark of NTSC video. We may even know the mathematical reasoning behind it. But the war for color television that birthed that oddball number, a war that raged for over a decade and left an imprint on the soul of electronic moving pictures has been largely forgotten… […]

The History and Science of Timecode

Timecode is the heartbeat of modern digital video but it didn’t really emerge until the final quarter of the 20th century. We explore the rise of timecode, the basics of the structure of timecode and modern applications that can help keep your cameras and recording equipment in sync. This video is sponsored by Ambient – […]

A Bit of History on Data

Take the full Filmmaker IQ course on the History of Data with sauce and bonus material at: Digital media has become the new celluloid – but how much do you know about this medium? Watch this primer on digital data storage and get caught up on the basics of the backbone of every modern […]