Understanding Golden Hour, Blue Hour and Twilights

Germán Marquès explains the differences between Golden Hour, Blue Hour and the different kinds of Twilight and what kind of photography goes best with these outdoor lighting conditions. We all know that light is the crucial element in photography. Understanding how it behaves and the factors that influence it is mandatory. For sunlight, we can Read MoreRead More

See the Animatronic Doll that was Cut from ‘Twilight’ because it was Too Creepy

Be warned, the creepiest thing you see today may be some outtakes from the Twilight Saga. The creature was suppose to be Renesmee Cullen daughter of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. Dubbed Chuckesmee, Director Bill Condon killed the puppet after only a day working with it on set.Read More

The Magic of Twilight

Just after the Sunset “Magic Hour” (roughly 30 minutes before and after the sunset) there is a period sometimes called the “Blue Hour” where refracted light from the sun turns the sky a deep shade of blue. This not quite night period can lead to some dramatic lighting situations. One of my favourite times for Read MoreRead More

Twilight: Breaking Dads! – Trivia Showdown!

The Screen Junkies found three obsessed adolescent Twi-Hards and brought them in for an intense round of “Twilight” trivia! At stake is a pair of tickets to the “Breaking Dawn Part 2″ red carpet premiere and after party!! But what these Twilight fanatics don’t know is that they won’t actually be competing – their Dads Read MoreRead More

Hollywood rethinks use of A-list actors

{Article Description} …After buddy comedy “The Hangover,” a movie with a little known cast, made $459 million at global box offices this past summer, several films have shown that a great concept or story can trump star appeal when it comes to luring fans. “District 9,” a low budget movie in which the biggest stars Read MoreRead More

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