Angle of View: How to Choose the Right Focal Length to Frame Your Image

Marcus Hawkins attempts to demystify the relationship between angle of view and sensor size. What is angle of view? Angle of view is the maximum view a camera is capable of ‘seeing’ through a lens, expressed in degrees. The choice of focal length is obviously key here, with longer lenses having a narrower angle of Read MoreRead More

New Lens Technology Could Bring Optical Zoom to Even the Thinnest Smartphones by 2016

A new type of lens technology will enable even the thinnest smartphones to utilize optical zoom. Smartphone cameras have improved exponentially since their introduction to the world, but one company still believes there’s plenty of room for improvement. That company is DynaOptics and their latest tech is promising to pack optical zoom into more smartphones Read MoreRead More

How to Convert Lenses to Tilt Shift Macro Lenses with 3D Printing

Here’s the instructions on how to 3D print your own Tilt Shift Macro lens for manual Nikon lenses. At about $1500 real tilt-shift lenses are not cheap. (Long time readers will appreciate the correct spelling . Instructable user Cpt.Insano created a 3D printed adapter that converts practically and Nikon lens into a tilt shift lens. Sadly, getting the lens Read MoreRead More

LensRentals’ New Lens Adjustment Rig is Awesome

If you need something to geek out over – Roger Cicala, founder of LensRentals, shows off his new lens calibrating machine. For the last 18 months or so I’ve been on a Holy Quest, trying to find better ways to optically analyze and adjust bad lenses. Why? Partly because we need to. Factory service just Read MoreRead More

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