6 Ways to Shoot More Stable Footage

Mikaela Cumbers explores 6 different ways to achieve more stable footage. Even for us indies, there are ways to pull this off and stabilise on the cheap: 1. Monopods The often forgotten brother of the regular tripod, the monopod is actually an essential item when it comes to creating expensive looking stabilised shots in your Read MoreRead More

5 Ways to Create Better Images Without Buying More Gear

Gear manufacturers are like that suave douchebag from the bar. They know how to rub the G-spot (gear-spot) to get us to spread our wallets. Well here’s 5 ways to make better photos (and film) that don’t require shelling out more money. You are a photographer. You love getting out there and doing your best Read MoreRead More

A Review of the Arri Amira

Sebastian Wober reviews Arri’s latest offering – a camera sporting the ALEXA sensor but designed for small crews and documentary filmmakers. The Arri AMIRA is not only targeted at documentarists and low budget productions, but with its B4-mount option will most likely also become part of the inventory at many TV stations around the globe. Read MoreRead More

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