Learn the Basics of Photography Using a Flow Chart

Mark Wallace introduces the “Where To Start Chart”. The Where To Start Chart is a tool designed to help beginning photographers navigate the settings on their camera. The chart is an interactive PDF file with links to hours of free photography tutorials. If you get to a spot and are unsure what something means, just Read MoreRead More

6 Ways to Shoot More Stable Footage

Mikaela Cumbers explores 6 different ways to achieve more stable footage. Even for us indies, there are ways to pull this off and stabilise on the cheap: 1. Monopods The often forgotten brother of the regular tripod, the monopod is actually an essential item when it comes to creating expensive looking stabilised shots in your Read MoreRead More

5 Ways to Create Better Images Without Buying More Gear

Gear manufacturers are like that suave douchebag from the bar. They know how to rub the G-spot (gear-spot) to get us to spread our wallets. Well here’s 5 ways to make better photos (and film) that don’t require shelling out more money. You are a photographer. You love getting out there and doing your best Read MoreRead More

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