Making of – IMMORTALS

This making of video for Immortals by Tippett Studio shows the CGI animation that went into creating the Titans of Hyperion’s army.

From the producers of 300 and visionary director Tarsem Singh, Tippett Studio is creating breathtaking imagery and animation for this November 2011 release.

In Immortals, the ruthless King Hyperion, played by Mickey Rourke, leads his bloodthirsty army on a murderous rampage across Greece to find a deadly weapon that will destroy humanity. A mortal chosen by Zeus named Theseus (Henry Cavill) must lead the fight against Hyperion and his evil army with the fate of mankind and the Gods at stake.

Tippett Studio created the Titans of Hyperion’s army under the supervision of Matt Jacobs./blockquote>

Writing New York

During the 49th New York Film Festival, the Writers Guild of America East presented a free two-part forum in the Film Center Amphitheater called “Writing New York.”

Part one, “Gotham, The Quintessential Urban Landscape”
Panelists included David Koepp (Premium Rush, Ghost Town, Panic Room, Spider-Man, Carlito’s Way); Brian Koppelman (The Girlfriend Experience, Solitary Man, Rounders); David Levien (The Girlfriend Experience, Rounders); Stephen Schiff (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps).

Part two, “Supporting Character, NYC”
Panelists included Shari Springer Berman (The Extra Man, The Nanny Diaries); John Hamburg (Along Came Polly, Zoolander); Mark Heyman (Black Swan); Kevin Wade (Maid in Manhattan, Working Girl). Moderated by Lisa Schwarzbaum (Entertainment Weekly).

My Life as a Turkey

One man’s remarkable experience of raising a group of wild turkey hatchlings to adulthood.

After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto’s front porch, his life was forever changed. Hutto, possessing a broad background in the natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals, incubated the eggs and waited for them to hatch. As the chicks emerged from their shells, they locked eyes with an unusual but dedicated mother.

Sorry the video is limited to U.S. & Territories. You can watch the trailer here or buy the DVD here.

Watch My Life as a Turkey on PBS. See more from NATURE.

To buy a Scarlet or not to buy, that is the question…

A midst the utter nonsense of RED fan boys, Philip Bloom cuts through the clutter and offers a serious and sober “reality check” for those getting ready to take the Scarlet Dip.

I feel this is a really important blog post as I am reading in so many places some worryingly ill informed comments from people. It’s less worrying when it’s about a GH2 or T2i that cost less than $1k but when we are talking about AT LEAST 10 times that I think it’s important that I put down my thoughts about this exciting new camera that is perfect for some but not for all…The Scarlet is now out in the big wide world so it’s about time I wrote this!

First off, and this is the biggie. Buying a Scarlet is NOT going to make you a better filmmaker. It is NOT going to make your camerawork any better. It WILL cost you more than many of you think financially. So I just want to put down the facts on paper so you can make a better informed choice and also my opinions…less important than facts but may be worth listening to! These facts are gathered from my own experience as a RED Epic owner for the past 5 months…

First off I love my Epic. The images out of it are so beautiful. I also swear at my Epic more than I have ever cursed another camera…why? Because it goes wrong. The reliability is not the same as any other camera I have owned. Nothing close. But, this is expected (and effin annoying!). The Epic is effectively a BETA camera. When you buy this you need to know this. It’s constantly getting better and improving. In the latest Beta firmware we finally have HDMI working (but not at the same time as the SDI, one or the other. This will change) An alpha release yesterday gave us something essential…playback. BUT it is alpha so no way am using this on a shoot. But from my little bit of fiddling with it I am impressed. Looks great and you can trim and delete clips now. This makes the camera so much better!

— Philip Bloom| Read The Full Article

Woody Allen: A Documentary

Iconic writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician Woody Allen allowed his life and creative process to be documented on-camera for the first time. With this unprecedented access filmmaker Robert Weide followed the notoriously private film legend over a year and a half to create the ultimate film biography.

Even if you are not a Allen fan you should watch this documentary. There is a ton of great information on directing, acting and all other aspects of filmmaking.

Watch Woody Allen: A Documentary Part 1 on PBS. See more from AMERICAN MASTERS.

Watch Woody Allen: A Documentary Part 2 on PBS. See more from AMERICAN MASTERS.

Get Slimed!: The Making of the Ghostbusters Classic Animatronic Character

Did you know that Slimer from Ghostbusters was an homage to John Belushi, based on his character “Bluto” from Animal House? That is one of the cool pieces of trivia FX artist Steve Johnson shares in this video about the making of the of the classic animatronic character.

Learn How to Read Schematics for DIY Projects

Did you ever want to build a cool DIY Project, but where overwhelmed by complicated schematic diagrams of electronic circuits? Well, before you knockout all the lights in your neighborhood check out the Collin’s Lab instructional video on how to read schematics, created by Collin Cunningham for Make.

Schematics are the functional diagram of electronic circuits. With so many designs available on the web, understanding how to read schematics can unlock a world of possibilities for the electronics maker. In fact, if you can read a schematic, you can build a circuit before even understanding how it works!

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