Rode Announces New smartLav+ with Improved Performance

Recording great audio straight to a cell phone, a personal recording device, or even a small camera (with SC3 Adapter) has gotten even simpler with the announcement of the RØDE’s new smartLav+ microphone.  This new lav features a newly designed capsule with better sensitivity and lower self-noise (27dBA) and a Kevlar® reinforced cable making this microphone a great addition to any low budget kit!

Røde Smartlav+ 2 Røde Smartlav+


Australian pro-audio manufacturer RØDE Microphones has today announced the smartLav+, a broadcast-grade update to the popular smartLav lavalier microphone that connects to Apple and Android mobile devices.

The smartLav was first announced in early 2013 and quickly became one of RØDE’s most popular products, combining great value with the convenience of being able to connect to any available mobile device, including phones and tablets based on iOS or Android. Its omnidirectional capsule makes for versatile and user-friendly placement, without the need for expensive and complicated wireless systems.

Given the success of the microphone RØDE has decided to increase the audio quality even further with the new smartLav+, achieved by updating the microphone capsule to improve sensitivity and lower self-noise (27dBA). The smartLav+ also adds a Kevlar® reinforced cable to ensure that the user cannot stretch or snap the microphone under normal usage conditions.

A foam windshield and clip with integrated cable management is also supplied, along with a storage pouch that is small enough to slide into any camera bag or audio kit.

For iOS platforms RØDE offers the RØDE Rec field recording app, which allows the user to perform a complete range of professional recording functions including one-touch export to Dropbox and SoundCloud, making it the perfect accompaniment for the smartLav+. An updated release of RØDE Rec has just been added to the iTunes store, which provides a tweaked interface and even greater stability. A free version of the app, RØDE Rec LE, is also available for download.

Finally, RØDE’s recently released SC3 adaptor allows the TRRS jack of the smartLav+ to be adapted to suit standard TRS devices, such as a DSLR camera or personal recorder like the Zoom H1.

The smartlav+ replaces the smartLav, and is shipping now for US$79. Visit now to learn more and see the complete device compatibility list.

How Sony’s Betamax lost to JVC’s VHS Cassette Recorder

In 1976 Sony introduced the Betamax video cassette recorder. It catalyzed the “ondemand” of today by allowing users to record television shows, and the machine ignited the first “new media”; intellectual property battles. In only a decade this revolutionary machine disappeared, beaten by JVC’s version of the cassette recorder. This video tells the story of why Betamax failed.


Comedy Actress Roundtable: Taylor Schilling, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling on Fake-Peeing, Showering With Co-Stars and Rude Fans

Six hot contenders — also including Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Edie Falco and Emmy Rossum — talk candidly to THR about the “torture” of watching their performances, the horror of “pasties” and their industry crushes (Sam Rockwell!).

So, what is comedy these days?

A half-hour, single-cam cable show about a drug-addicted nurse? A one-hour women’s-prison dramedy streaming on the Internet? A ratings smash with an old-school laugh track? A single-cam spin on the travails of a working woman and her messy dating life? An “adorkable” network series centered on a girl and her best guy friends? Or a grim hourlong series about a poor Chicago family whose toddler almost ODs on his sister’s cocaine? For the six Emmy contenders who gathered on May 10 in Los Angeles to chat — The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, 28; New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel, 34; Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco, 50; The Mindy Project’s Mindy Kaling, 34; Shameless’ Emmy Rossum, 27; and Orange Is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling, 29 — the genre is all those things and then some. Between fake-peeing, showering with co-stars and the “torture” of watching their performances, there’s little these women won’t do for the sake of their craft.

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Actress Roundtable

Why Are There So Many Super Hero Movies? | Idea Channel

The past 15 years have produced a pantsload of superhero films. It's hard to even remember a time before Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America dominated the summer box office. So are movie studios just lazy and out of ideas? Or is something else going on? Superheroes are authority figures who put their world in order. They are ALSO the products of the culture from which they originate. So what does it say about our cultural state of affairs that we willingly consume 6+ superhero flicks a year?


Stanley Kubrick Talks Cinema, Chess, ESP, Vietnam & His Cat in Interviews with Michel Ciment (1975-1987)

This is a customised audio file of a five-episode series of interviews from”A voix nue” (a programme from the France Culture radio station), taken from three interviews by Michel Ciment from 1975 to 1987.

Cinephiles certainly know the name of Stanley Kubrick, and die-hard cinephiles just as certainly know the name of Michel Ciment, the French critic behind celebrated volumes on such auteurs as Elia Kazan, Joseph Losey, John Boorman, Theo Angelopoulos, Fritz Lang, and, yes Kubrick himself. Ciment has placed the director’s work, which includes the likes of Dr. Strangelove2001: A Space Odyssey, and A Clockwork Orange, “among the most important contributions to world cinema in the twentieth century.” In an attempt to do justice to the mind of his subject while writingKubrick, he put in no small amount of time with the man himself. At the top of the post, you can hear an assemblage of material from a five-part interview between Ciment and Kubrick originally aired on the French radio program A voix nue, itself pieced together from a series of conversations between critic and director recorded between 1975 and 1987. So we ultimately have here, as the person who put the clip on Youtube notes, “a reconstructed hour of Kubrick talking about cinema, chess, ESP, art, writing, Vietnam, his cat, the 18th century, and even Fear and Desire.”

Open Culture | Read the Full Article

A Chat With Roger Corman: 60 Years of Filmmaking and Still Going Strong

Xaque Gruber talks with 88-year old Roger Corman about his take on new media and what it’s like making low budget films in the digital world.

Roger Corman

XG: Let’s talk about what being a new media filmmaker means to you.

RC: I think of the term ‘new media’ in two ways. First with production, the move from film to digital. There are so many production advantages with shooting digitally with the savings, especially when making lower budget films. Then there are the advantages of the lighter weight cameras, which are easier to use on location, and all the computer effects give you a whole new toolbox. The other aspect of new media is in distribution, which has undergone even more sweeping changes than the production side. You have newer outlets like Netflix and Hulu, and that’s exciting, but on the flip side, we used to go out with a $100,000 film and open it in big theatres all around the country and compete with major studio films with almost comparable figures in a short period of time. All of that has disappeared.

XG: And yet you’ve survived, and thrived. So for the young filmmakers out there who say I want to be the next Roger Corman – what advice do you have?

RC: My advice for the beginners is if you can go to a film school, do it because it can really give you a great foundation and propel you. And if you can’t go to a film school, well then do it yourself. There is so much no budget filmmaking going on around the country, and most frankly is not very good (laughs) but a couple of them are. The other bit of advice is to get a job or work for free on a movie set, and observe and learn something from seeing how it all goes. You never know, but you might get promoted.

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