The Hateful Eight Makeup and Hair, with Camille Friend and Heba Thorisdottir

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’ takes place in a single day in the Old West, but it was shot over five months on a Colorado mountaintop. Variety’s Jenelle Riley spoke to department head hair stylist Camille Friend and makeup dept. head Heba Thorisdottir about how they kept everyone looking exactly the same, and exactly in period, on Tarantino’s uniquely challenging shoot.

Hateful 8

Making a Working BB-8 Droid Replica!

Ever since BB-8 first made its appearance in the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser, droid builders have been trying to figure out how to make their own working replica. Tested visits the shop of Mike Senna, veteran robot builder, to follow his progress creating his own BB-8.


Film Set Safety 101

Who is responsible for safety? Andrew Spieler (Assistant Director for RJ:The Show) and RocketJump director/co-creator Matthew Arnold sit down to have a real discussion about safety on set. They cover the precautions and safety measures taken for the large-scale stunts in the new action-packed short, Truck Flipper vs Bus Puncher, but also explain how placing the utmost importance on safety can actually better your film.

You should never compromise the safety of your crew for a shot. If you EVER feel unsafe or uncertain on set, speak up! Bring it to the attention of the Assistant Director, Producer, and Director. Ask questions, double check, and keep the lines of communication clear and open.


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