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We do read through each and every e-mail we receive (or at least our spam filter does); and we try to answer every one. Here are the exceptions:

No Questions about Filmmaking
Please leave these questions in our Questions Page where you can get answers from our experts or strangers who’s qualifications may include having a Netflix account.

No Requests for Critiques
If you are looking for constructive criticism complete one of our Lab Courses. Your video will then be posted on IQ for the whole world to see.

No Requests to Share Your Film
You can add your film or demo reel to your profile.

No Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Ect. Requests
Go fund yourself.

NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE, No smoking, No food or drink, No Canadian street slang, No horses (yes, even if they are wearing shirts and shoes), No unicycles, No drum circles, No business casual, No invading mongol hordes (yes, even if they aren’t on horses), No floating sentient glow cubes sent from the future to kill me, No mariachi bands, No conversations that involve the word “brunch”, No wood nymphs (sea nymphs okay), No my neighbor named Keith who stole my trash can (Yes, Keith, I know it was you!), No up-close street magic, No tap dancing and No three raccoons in a trench coat trying to trick me.