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You Talkin' to Me?

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Nitin Patil


Thomas Scott Layman

I would love to see you guys produce a video on how cinematographers measured light back in the day. When was the light meter invented? How did cinematographers know what setting to choose before light meters? What technologies were created over time to help cinematographers know what was being shot.

John P. Hess

Interesting idea – I think the light meter goes back pretty far – and the predecessor was something called the extinction meter!

Adam S

Jekyll & Hyde ’31 – How a Paramount Picture ended up at Warner Bros. (working title). I just think it’s an interesting story and a microcosm of how film rights can change drastically over the years, even today e.g. Regency films such as HEAT that were at Warner now distributed by 20th Century Fox, as well as touching on Turner’s acquisitions that were made over the years.


Hi, any chance of an in-depth history of special effects? Thanks


I was wondering if there can be more about script writing, film scoring, and acting. Also have you considered the history of the laugh track?