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  • March 1st, 2018
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  • 1953-08-14
  • a musician filmMaker by trade, a staunch communist/internationalist. born in Chicago, Il,usa, grew up in frisco, Ca, usa. have lived in various europa cities (i.e. westBerlin, ibiza, London) under self-imposed exile for. the past 40yrs. most of my film experience consists of technical support (i.e. camera operator, audio field recording, postProd editing and systems support), have worked on big scale projects (i.e. Rob roy, Blackhawk down, pulp fiction), in minor support roles. have worked on a number of indy projects, as well as working on projects of my own. i have a modest studio/edit suite in my home in the people's republic of hackney, London E5. this includes a green screen facility and a render farm which supports Final Cut Pro, After Effects, da vinci reslove as well as some 3d modeling/animation packages. i am planning to shoot a documentry in the autumn of 2018, in the middleEast (i.e. Syria, Lebanon, Iraq). it will be a streetLevel/gritty portrait of life on the streets, covering the poor, those with mental health and substance abuse issues. an intimate snapShot of how they survive living in a war zone. we also plan to capture as much local muzique as pos. i have 2 DSLRs, a high quality field audio setUp, and shall be traveling by motorcycle (my 1950s Royal Enfield Bullet 350, its a military bike from the second world war), perfect for traveling through a war zones. at 65 years of age, it shall most likely be my last major project, but who knows, thats what i said when i was 55. if anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this project, please!! please!!! do be in touch.


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