Color is key to modern filmmaking - it evokes mood and personality. In this lab you are going to explore your locale by making a film featuring the classic colors of the rainbow.


1. Plan and shoot a short film between 1-2 minutes long introducing us to your home town. The film needs to have at least five shots from different locations.  Each shot needs to feature a different color from the rainbow. The traditional colors are (ROY G. BIV):

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

NOTE: White and Black are not colors on the rainbow...

You can shoot it as a silent film, a film with voice over, or even have someone onscreen speak - it's totally up to you. The point is to feature at least five different colors and tell a little story about where you live. 

**DO NOT INCLUDE your personal address in the shots - talk about your city or neighborhood but don't get too specific**

2. Grab a photo of yourself in your favorite location. Add it the photo to the form below.

3. Edit and color grade your film. Don't be afraid to push the colors a bit - if you have a red wall in your neighborhood you want to feature - push the reds a bit and make them pop. Add music and sound effects and finish your film.

Bed-Sty, New York City - from the film "Do the Right Thing"

4. Upload the Finished Film to YouTube or Vimeo. You can title the film however you want. In the video description put the following:

This was made for Filmmaker IQ's The Roy G. Biv Travelogue Lab

Submitted by >>YOUR USER NAME<< >>Date<<

List the colors that you featured. You can then add your own description beneath with credits and whatever else you want to include.

Make sure your film is NOT SET TO PRIVATE and share the link in the form below.

5. Take a Photo of Yourself in front of your favorite location.


If you're having trouble finding 5 different colors to feature from your home town - get out there and do a little location scouting. Wander about and look for interesting colors, interesting places - this can be your chance to explore your surroundings. (But always be alert when your in unfamiliar places)

A shot can have many different colors - try to focus one color per location.

Most importantly - tell a story about who you are and where you live and do it through color.

Go make something great!

You need to complete the rest of the Lessons in this Course before you can submit your Lab Video!

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