Knowing how to light and pull a talking head chroma key is an important practice in the modern filmmaking world. In this workshop you’ll practice creating a medium shot for keying.


1. Write a Short News Broadcast film. Write a short exchange between a reporter on location in the field and a news anchor back at the studio. Keep your film between 1 and 3 minutes.

Include the line "That'll knock off a couple IQ points" in your sketch somewhere.

Your film can be comedic or serious - whatever your prefer.

2. Shoot an Outdoor Greensceen Shot. On a bright day, set up your greenscreen outdoors. Your screen should be large enough for a medium wide shot (covering from the head to about mid stomach). Put your reporter in front of the greenscreen and record their part of the sketch.

3. Grab a photo of your exterior Greenscreen set up.

outdoor GS setup
Outdoor GS

4. Shoot an Interior Greenscreen Shot - Using the techniques learned from the early portions of this lab, set up a small Greenscreen (or Bluescreen) studio indoors for a medium shot (chest up). Be sure to light you screen independently from your talent

5. Grab a photo of your interior greenscreen set up.

Indoor GS film

6. Grab a group photo of your cast and crew and submit it below

7. Edit and Composite Your Footage Do a preliminary edit -combining the outdoor and indoor greenscreen shots into a cohesive piece. Once you're happy with the edit, bring your footage into the compositor, use garbage mattes and keyers to eliminate the greenscreen and create your composite. Add titles to really sell the effect (pre-made news templates are readily available online, though for a small fee)


8. Upload the Finished Film to YouTube or Vimeo. You can title the film however you want. In the video description put the following:

This was made for Filmmaker IQ's Greenscreen Reporter on the Street Lab

Submitted by >>YOUR USER NAME<< >>Date<<

You can then add your own description beneath with credits and whatever else you want to include.

Make sure your film is NOT SET TO PRIVATE and share the link in the form below.


You can accomplish this lab with a hanging green screen or painted wall but it you will see the easiest results using a foldable pop-up green screen as shown. It's a good investment if you intend to do any kind of quick greenscreen work on location

For the "In Studio" shot, use big soft lights to light your subject. This will help sell the idea that you're in a big studio.

Don't forget to record good audio for your film!

Go make something great!

You need to complete the rest of the Lessons in this Course before you can submit your Lab Video!

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