These are not “Fake Internet Points”. Being useless does not make them fake. They are “Real Internet Points”, which are useless, but not fake. If useless equals fake then YouTube Customer Service must not be real… OK, bad example.
How to earn IQ Points
  • Complete a Course – Expand you mind and your Points Balance.
  • Create a Lab Video – Get out there and make something great!
  • Pass a Quiz – You get additional points for each correct answer.
  • Social Sharing – Share our fun stuff with your friends and stalkers.
  • Ask a Question – Get rewarded for others helping you.
  • Leave a Comment – We don’t mind you passing notes in class.
  • Daily Visits – Get points for just showing up.
  • Wash John’s Car.
  • Send Free Food to our Studio.
  • Give Brendan Fraser a Job.
  • Cure Cancer.
  • Capture Bigfoot.
  • Give the Loch Ness Monster about Tree Fiddy.
  • Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia.
  • Steal the plans for the Death Star.