Let’s dive into the history of Copyright, a legal framework that makes mass market publishing from books to movies possible. We explore perhaps the earliest example of a copyright case in Medieval Ireland, the rise of copyright in England with Statute of Anne’s and it’s influence on the U.S. Constitution, the rise of novelists and the push for the Berne Convention before looking at the philosophical basis of Copyright itself. Fair warning, Disney is not as mentioned as much as you might think it would be.

John P. Hess

Course Instructor

Born on a tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific, John came to filmmaking when he connected two VCRs together for a 4th grade homework assignment. At university, John studied business admin and marketing which led to a brief stint as an advertising exec. under the alias name Don Draper until his cover was blown by Pete Campbell. During his spare time, which is rare, John enjoys playing the trumpet, reading Supreme Court filings and mispronouncing French words.

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