Let’s go deep beyond the exposure triangle and look at the pathway which light travels from the scene to the sensor. In this course we will examine the elements of scene illuminance and luminance, various lens modifications which affect exposure, the exposure itself in terms of aperture and shutter speed, the sensor sensitivity, and lastly how cameras and light meters put all this information back together to obtain the proper exposure.

**ERRATA – I switched around the figures for Lux to footcandles conversion. There are 10.76 Lux in a Footcandle (not the other way around as said in the video)

This Filmmaker IQ course is proudly sponsored by Northeast Community College, whose Media Arts program offers degree concentrations in Audio Recording, Broadcasting, and Digital Cinema. Please check out their program by following the link here.

Here’s an addendum video we did on the subject of Middle Gray:

John P. Hess

Course Instructor

Born on a tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific, John came to filmmaking when he connected two VCRs together for a 4th grade homework assignment. At university, John studied business admin and marketing which led to a brief stint as an advertising exec. under the alias name Don Draper until his cover was blown by Pete Campbell. During his spare time, which is rare, John enjoys playing the trumpet, reading Supreme Court filings and mispronouncing French words.

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