After watching old movies, i decided to make a very short one myself. The story is rather simple, i want to make this film comedic, not scary. It's more of a mock

I am using my ASUS phone for this and i edited it with a Vegas Pro

This was made for Filmmaker IQ’s Creative Aspect Ratio Film Lab

Submitted by IOY Movies 22/06/2017


I only used one, first i want to make it 1:1 but after i watch City Lights, i decided to change it into a 4:3 Aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio affects the way it fits the face and the object, i think… I think the great thing about using 4:3 Aspect ratio is that you can easily direct the eyes of the audience.


The camera i used is my ASUS phone. I didn't have time to create the lighting and use the light bulb instead

I visualize the aspect ratio by centering the object or the face in the middle of the screen so i can direct most of it

I used sony vegas pro to edit the movies

Cast & Crew

Arthur Lipan = The Actor/Cameraman/Editor

I simply have no one to work with.


For me, i think

4:3 is used for old times
4:3 Aspect ratio is that you can easily direct the eyes of the audience.

IMAX aspect ratio is used for something big like space or something

16×9 is used for generic movies that is filled with dialogs, mostly for drama

That's what i think though…

You Talkin' to Me?

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John P. Hess

Alright Arthur! Was this your first film? I can’t wait to see you progress as a filmmaker.

This is a lab I would like to see you tackle, the lesson has a lot of information but you don’t need a big crew and you can shoot it with the equipment you have.

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