I've been working on a screenplay for a while and many scenes I feel have lackluster or unnatural dialogue. What are some ways I can fix mediocrity in this area?

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    I will just asume here, because I am not an expert in screenwriting.

    Is your dialog unnatural because you intend the actors to explain something that you should be SHOWING on screen instead of using dialogs?

    A rough example:

    A man walks into a room and say to the persons in it:
    “You notice that I am late, and I’m sorry”

    When a more natural dialog would be:
    There is a room with some people in it, and by their expressions, they are waiting for someone for quite some time.
    A man walks in and say:
    “Sorry I’m late”

    That is a basic idea. Show what you need to show, say what you need to say.

    (I am sorry if the text is “unnatural”. English is not my native language)

    John P. Hess

    Sometimes the problem may actually just be in your head. I would say round up a few actors and do an impromptu table read. See how your dialogue sounds when coming out of the mouths of other people.

    Outside of that to improve your dialogue work on your listening. Watch the movies in the genre that you want to create. Read the scripts if you can get your hands on them.

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