Am writing a psycho thriller and am looking to steal some scenes from movies.. Shh .. this is gonna be a indian movie so please recommend some movies where i can steal them from

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    Rajinikanth has counted till infinity twice…

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    John P. Hess

    There is this misguided line of thinking that says stealing is bad in art. Maybe flat out stealing where you bring nothing new to the table and you’re just using something without compensating the original creator should be frowned upon. But taking an idea and making use of it for your own is how art works – heck that’s why we even have art movements and film genres – no one works in a vacuum.

    So a psycho thriller – why not watch some Hitchcock for developing suspense. We just did a movie of the month with a great psycho villain: Leon the Professional. Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, No Country for Old Men… There’s a many more but if you study those you’d be well on your way for a sinister Psycho killer.

    Dennis Hartwig

    That’s like being a painter and asking what colors should you use. Go onto IMDB and look up your favorite films and see what connections they have (you can find the link under “Did you know?” towards the bottom of the films main page). That can give you an idea how others “borrowed”.

    Take some of those “connections” with a grain of salt. Sometimes people read stuff into them that isn’t really there.

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