Hello.This is aathithya from India. I am aspiring to be a filmmaker.So I have a good story.One problem is that I can't make it to a good script.And second is that for shooting the scenes I have only one DSLR camera. so is it possible to shoot a scene effectively?

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    Actually this is the problem of everyone, who new in filmmaking…
    I also have a dslr but i make three short film on it, if you want to see my works go to filmguts on youtube that’s my channel…..
    So my suggestion is just write your thought, your idea whatever you have in paper properly then next thing is and the most important is (storyboard), every new filmmaker face this problem but believe me its can solve your 50% of works….

    John P. Hess

    Curious too as to what you mean by “good script” – you need to write your story down in some format, it can’t live in your head. As far as structuring a screenplay there are a lot of resources for that. But you need it to be on paper so you can evaluate it and communicate it to your collaborators.

    As far as having a DSLR – that’s fine to start. Many many filmmakers start with a lot less.

    Dennis Hartwig


    Were you having problems developing the story or formatting it into the standard screenplay format?

    Quentin Tarantino only uses one camera on his set.

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