I'd like to know how to set up lightning and rain for a Extreme Long Shot .. also to do the same inside a big room as well .

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    I am just complementing.

    Safety first. Take extra care on the cables on the floor. Do not let any connection touching the water.

    This is obvious but you need to pre-wet the floor of all the scene it is going to be in the frame.

    If you have a backlight, for example, a street lamp, and this light is reflected on the floor, you could need to put a hose pointing there. The rain does not show up much hitting the floor in general but it does show in this reflections. To make it look like some wind is blowing, do not put the hose in a static way, move it a bit.

    If you are using a rig like John is showing, you could need a direct light illuminating it.

    You could be tempted to put the rain on your characters, but you only need to do that on close-ups, so probably you need to leave the close-ups to the last.

    John P. Hess

    Here’s an interesting application for creating lightning effects:

    Perfect Storm Lightning Simulator

    You could also simulate the in post by animating your exposure levels – just take a frame or two up a couple of stops in exposure before going back to normal – you really sell the effect with the thunder sound effects.

    As for the rain – the simplest is to take a garden hose and spray it into the air. I’ve done this for a film where it was suppose to be raining. You can get a little more elaborate with a rain machine like this:

    $15 DIY Film Rain Machine

    How to Build a Rain Machine

    How to Make it Rain…

    Of course, rain is also an effect you can pull off in post production too with particle generator or by getting some pre-keyed rain footage.

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