I have Canon 60d with three lenses, but recently i found a strond need in good video camera. Especially with RAW footage.

In russia used Mark III cost ~30% more than BMCC 2k (4k is new so its too expensive)

I know that DLSR is not made only for video, so i will be paying for everything esle, but still are these two cameras comparable at video shooting?

And i am concerned about crop factor of BMCC, sensor size, is it critical?

Thank you

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    John P. Hess

    With the BMCC you really need to have a 12-24mm lens in your possession – I find myself shooting with that most of the time. Then the remainder of the time I shoot with a 24-70mm. You also will not be able to use your ND filters unless they cut Infrared as well – IR pollution with ND filters is a real issue on this model and can’t be fixed in post.

    My own personal opinion is that the sharpness of the BMCC camera blows my Canon 5D MkII out of the water. Hands down. I’m not sure the MK III is much better.

    I don’t shoot that much RAW – though I do on occassion – mostly I shoot DNxHD and ProRes. Unfortunately BM is not known for their ergonomics – so you will just have to live with stupid button placements – only the URSA Mini Pro gets it right in terms of button placements but everything on that camera feels really stiff.

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