Say I wanted to build my own website for filmmaking – what software would you recommend?

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    There are actually several different questions here. 1. How do you build a website for Filmmaking? You need to have a clear idea of what the sections are going to be, the organization, the categories, the structure of the site, so a user know what to expect and where to find it. What type of media you are going to use, etc. 2. How do you build a website…. in general? In general, You take some written content, visuals, and interaction, all merged in a document hosted on a server that is delivered using some protocols…. Ok, we are not in a programming forum. So this answer is not useful. Then the answer is to use a pre-built platform that has a way to add this text, visuals, on a document that is hosted on a server… 3. This previous question leads to…. What tool do you recommend? The tool, in this case, is not the same as software. The software you will be using is your browser. The basic option is to use a blog. You can host your own blog (you need to pay a domain name and a hosting service, or use a free one. (Normally free… Read more »
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