Any suggestions on how we can improve the site? Content, navigation, make it less confusing, new features, etc.?

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Mathias Rauh

I really like the design, but the site is a bit slow for me. I’ve run Google’s PageSpeed Insights test and it’s confirming what I experience. The test suggests several optimizations, including to leverage browser caching which seems the most promising thing to do.

Chris Hackett

The redesign is reactive and has alot of flare, no need there. What I would do is partner with either a brand or other influencer in the youtube/filmmaker universe and do series of tutorials or cases in point for what is taught here. Something branded beside the lessons that you guys have wonderfully supplied over the years is also an idea, take people through the whole process of making a small movie. Feature these things on the main page instead of the courses.

Then maybe offer a masterclass for a low low rate. But only if the above works well.


By any chance, how do you decide on what the topic for the next course is? Do you think a suggestion box might be a good idea to help think of new topics to cover in the future?

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