You heard me… what kind of camera should I buy, YouTube Boy?

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Kayode Olorunfemi

Make a list of the top 5 things important to you… (low light, run and gun, long recording etc). Then set a budget you can afford. Then shortlist cameras that fulfill the most important items on your list coupled with gear you already have. In my case I just got a used C100Mkii as I have quite a bit of Canon glass and I needed long recording, light camera, long battery life and I love the Canon image.


And just my 2 cents.

If you are doing things like an interview, the truth is that it is more important a good sound that an outstanding image, so investigates a bit about a good mic. If it can be connected to the camera could save you some time in the edition, but this is not always the case.

Regarding the DSLR, to shoot faces and medium shots, you probably want to take a look at a wide aperture lens. A typical cheap but not “cheap” lens is a 50mm f/1.8.

The two main differences between using an average camcorder and a DSLR is the bokeh of this wide aperture lenses and that a DSLR can be set to fully manual mode (including setting up the white balance), so the camera do not change the brightness of the scene if you do not want to.

The disadvantage could be that the sensor heats a bit when making long shots, so the footage is limited to some 15-30 mins.

John P. Hess

Unfortunately it’s not the sensor heat that limits the DSLR record time – it’s a legal thing. These cameras would then be classified as video cameras and be subject to different import fees – so they set the record limit to keep them out of that classification:

From 2012

Though things are changing

GH4 kills the 30 minute limit from 2015

John P. Hess
Dennis has asked one of the three big ol’ question that has been plagued man since time immemorial: When should I sow my crops? What camera should I buy? Should I take the lump sum payout or the annuity? There’s actually a very simple way to answer to this question – what do you intend to do with the camera? -Make films Well, okay, we’re all on a filmmaking site to learn how to make films – but let’s get more specific. Is this your very first film? If you’ve never ever made anything before – I mean not even a video you threw up on Facebook – then the answer is really simple: Use whatever camera you have that can shoot video (even a smart phone) and make a small short film. Even if it’s only :30 seconds long. Some of our Labs like the Color in Digital Filmmaking can be done on any camera at all. Now that you’ve made a few short films with a camera (any camera), we can get more specific: What kind of films do you want to make? Do you want to make documentaries with lots of interviews? Do you want to make… Read more »

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