None of my friend's are really in the Filmmaking Field right now, so I was wondering if I could get some feedback from people actually in that kind of community, (like this site.)

Specifically; a brief overview of what you thought of it as a whole,

Tips on improving dialogue scenes,

And advice on how to make a scene feel natural.

( For Example: Guy walks up to a microphone to speak and it screech's at him in a sound problem, before he adjusts it then starts talking.) Things that feel natural, and feel like they would actually happen during a normal day.

Here it is:


    Joke Tax

    Is a hippopotamus a opotamus, or a really hip opotamus?

    You Talkin' to Me?

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    Sorry to tell you this. I’ve only watched 1 minute of it and it has already 3-4 different introductions.

    The first scene was good. A guy shooting at the camera. It has some shock factor and I thought it was a good start. But then some WTF moments, 007, Lord of the rings, bad title design, forever lasting fade to black… I could not see more.

    Someone said, if you have a good opening scene, there is a chance the movie will be good one. You can see if someone knows what they are doing in the opening scene.

    John P. Hess

    This is very hard to write. I can tell by your film that you guys are still very young. I don’t want to discourage you from continuing to make films, but I also want to give you some direction to improve.

    Your film as it is now, is not something that I can watch. It’s not something that I or anyone can give meaningful feedback at this point – it’s too incoherent. And the length makes it downright impossible to address any one thing.

    So instead, let me put this challenge to you which might make this conversation work a bit better. Shoot a 5 minute version of your movie. NO MORE than 5 minutes. No opening production company logos at the front, no opening credits – Lose that garbage – just 5 minutes and tell me your story.

    Do that, and maybe we can have a more meaningful conversation on what to improve. wink

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