When discussing CASABLANCA, there are a million good things we can observe about it. From a fantastic story and screenplay to wonderful performances, CASABLANCA has everything. There are, as in many other movies, the direction, the edition, the storyline, the acting, the screenplay, the music, the cinematography, the artistic design, all of which, done at a magnificent perfection, create a powerful combination which makes you go directly to the edge of your seat, caring for the characters and what is going to happen to them. Many times, (one of them seen in this movie), the greatest success of all, comes to people not looking for it: CASABLANCA was not going to be a success, it was just meant to tell the world a beautiful story set in the horrible World War II. I personally admire the actress Ingrid Bergman, as she made incredible performances in every role she took in her career, in this case and in many others, speaking a different language from the one she was raised with.
It is not excessively romantic, or overly edited: the film has the right amount of elements to make it great, unforgettable, and timeless.
All of these is what makes CASABLANCA, my favorite movie of all time.

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I really liked and felt for the characters, This film felt emotionally satisfying, This film requires you to really think, The film was really powerful and gripping, There were a lot of great moments or scares
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John P. Hess

Totally agree – Casablanca remains one of my favorite movies of all time.

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