What is she saying in those clips? Isn't it confusing to say random funny stuff instead of what's written on the clapper?

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    knock knock
    who's there
    just give me the damn answer, i'm not funny on demand

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    Dennis Hartwig

    Can we RSVP your funny?

    John P. Hess

    You’re referring to this video:

    She’s calling out the slate number which is comprised of 2 parts: For example 24AB. The first part is the scene number – so in this case it is scene 24. The second part – the letter part – is what camera angle we are shooting. You start with A – work your way all the way through Z and then start adding a second letter: AB – AZ.

    Evan Luzi does a good job breaking down the slate here.

    So when you hear Geraldine Brezca call out those words – she’s using a spelling alphabet. There’s traditional spelling alphabets like “Alpha Bravo Charlie” but Brezca’s just making up her own. Now I’m not sure if QT’s team really had 100s of camera angles or they used a different system of label the shots. Also I doubt Brezca does this on every take as it seems to distract the actors. And she may just be doing this for the purposes of this video alone.

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