Hi! John P. Hess writing here. In the past year or so I have been trying to figure out to craft Filmmaker IQ in a way that I find exciting, dynamic and interesting. After the release of our first episode of THE STUDIOS last week, I feel like I have created a portfolio of shows that I feel reflect my interests in film and filmmaking. So now I want to lay out the plan for the channel going forward (at least the plan for now).


Filmmaker IQ Courses have been the mainstays of the channel for the past 5 years and I plan to continue making them. Courses will be more of a “concept explainer” video – very simple production value but focused on communicating a concept of filmmaking such as “Dynamic Range” which is my next endeavor. I think the courses will end up staying in the more scientific/technical realm – at least for now.

Labs will be focused on a specific type process or technique. I am planning to create one on the Schüfftan process this summer but there are a lot of filmmaking techniques I would love to try. The production style will be similar to courses with the bonus of having a small sketch or demonstration video created from the lab itself. (this might open up a separate sketch section of our YouTube channel featuring the results of these labs).

Film Jobs

Film Jobs is an interview based show where I want to feature people who work in the entertainment industry who are NOT actors and directors. I wanted to shed a light on the other folks that make a film set turn and see what exactly they do (although I will feature actors and directors eventually in the series). Currently I have two more shows that I have shot that need to be edited.

Beat by Beat

Beat by Beat is my chance to take a film that I really love and break it down beat by beat to look at the exactly the structure of the plot works. This adds a significant element to the series of film education by introducing story and active film watching to my studies.


The Studios was something i came up with when reading the history of major studios in preparing the dailies last year. There’s so many famous names that get glossed over in the media and without the context of history, you can’t hope to understand how the film industry works. The Studios is my way of exploring that history – but with a fun Film Noir twist.


IQ BiTS are shorter fun videos – like an Op-Ed, or small point, or behind the scenes video. These will be done when I feel like there’s something interesting I want to share.

The PUBcast

At the beginning of each month we will host a LIVE Q&A session on YouTube called the Pubcast – come hang out and talk about movies and filmmaking with us.

So there’s a survey of the content that I’m going to create for the channel. Don’t forget all the Dailies we post everyday and the courses on this site as well!

Now for some sober truth – YouTube algorithms aren’t delivering like they used to and frankly I can barely afford to keep the lights on. I have to take on outside work so I can’t devote as much time to creating these videos as I would like to. I do have friends that stop by and help but Filmmaker IQ is really just one person trying to operate it. I need your support! Please check out our Patreon and consider helping us out with a pledge. Thanks to all those who have already pledged!

Happy Filmmaking!

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