Forget Summer.

Seriously… it’s easy to bash the “Hollywood industry” during the long drawn out months of the summer blockbuster season – The blogosphere is heavy with article after article about the so-called “death of Hollywood” (because of a few percent decline in B.O.) – The internet is clogged with a new industry of fandomism that has successfully commercialized taking pop culture WAY WAY too seriously. In other words, the summer kinda sucks for movies.

Which is why I really relish the Winter movie season.

Winter and a new Star Wars Movie is Coming

Granted, the smugness of award season is just right around the corner – but it’s the promise of those accolades that bring out the best of what giant enterprise-commercial filmmaking has to offer. And although I too ate my fill from the Marvel and DC buffets this year (I enjoyed all the comic book movies I saw in 2017 including Justice League), it’s the Winter where I feel like the adults have returned to room to show that filmmaking doesn’t need a graphic novel as an inspiration.

For me, this Winter is off to a glorious start! I personally thought the latest Star Wars was an excellent installment – I know half the internet doesn’t think so. It’s not a perfect movie but frankly there’s already too much digital ink being spilt on that. I was planning to see Greta Gerwig’s “Lady Bird” but the theater screwed up and advertised the wrong times. Unable to cancel my MoviePass reservation, I stuck around for 30 minutes and caught Pixar’s “Coco


Dios mio! Que Bueno! What a wonderful film – no celebrity voices, just a grand slam from Disney/Pixar. Don’t ask any further questions – just go see it.

Then there’s The Shape of Water, I Tonya, Downsizing, Three Billboards Outside of Missouri, All The Money in the World, Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, Blame, Darkest HourDjango (the musician, not Ray Charles), The Greatest Showman, The Man Who Invented Christmas, 

Okay, that’ll keep me busy for a few months… I’ve always say that if you think movies today are horrible, then you’re not looking hard enough. Luckily for me around this time of year, it isn’t so hard to find something worth watching.

    1. John P. Hess Founder OP

      Used to be January and February are dumping grounds… but at least Jan is Oscar hold over months. August and September are kinda slow though…

      1. Profile photo of dp
        dp IMAX

        It kinda makes sense for september. A lot of people are likely going back to school/college (work if they got time off in the summer). Plus i think that month might be when the NFL season begins which may take away audiences who are football fans.

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