Hi, John Hess from Filmmaker IQ.com Late last week I received some devastating news – the co-founder of Filmmaker IQ and my friend Dennis Hartwig had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Whenever I’m asked to give advice to an up and coming filmmaker – it usually comes out as this: Get yourself a Dennis – he a loyal uncompromising friend and advocate. He pushed me harder than anyone I knew – took me from a video guy and instilled in me through brutal hard work a confidence to call myself a filmmaker. He created Filmmaker IQ, shaped the way our product was created and was my biggest fan. He was also one of the first people I turned to when things were dark, when loves shattered, when parents get sick. He was there.

But now he is gone. My friends have been indispensable in last few days as I tried to work through all of this. Now I am faced with picking up and moving on. Dennis had some great ideas of where Filmmaker IQ would go, but without him I am unable fulfill that dream. Things will have to change, but I do intend on carrying on with Filmmaker IQ. I do intend to continue and try with every ounce of my being to make something, not just good enough, but something great.

Safe travels Dennis – until we meet again.

John P. Hess

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Mike Vaughn

Sorry, brother. Sounds like he was a hella of a cool dude, and a wonderful friend and mentor. Keep up the good fight, and know that you have a bunch of people on your side.

Dustin Johnson

I am so sorry for your loss. Will keep you and his family in prayer.

Joseph Saunders

John I am so sorry for your loss. I am so grateful for what you and Dennis have built. The site and the community have helped me find focus for my passion of film. It’s given me inspiration and entertainment. I never met Dennis but trough FilmmakerIQ he has had an impact on my life, no doubt along with thousands of others like me. Best wishes to you and both your families during this difficult time.

Reverend Ron Gunn

I am so sorry to hear that John and sympathise greatly foryour tragic loss. I’m glad that you have friends to help you through this time; I hope you realise that you and Dennis also have friends throughout the internet and they will do whatever they can to help you and to take the vision that you and Dennis shared forward. Any hep I can give is freely offered

Goodbye Dennis and thank you.

Kippur Kippur

Amidst all the noise of humanity’s complaints over the personal outrages we imagine are so important, we are often distracted from the sound of a breaking heart; a good human leaves our company quietly. I am so very sorry for your loss, John. My very kindest wishes as you and those who loved Dennis grieve.


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