Learning After Effects is a daunting challenge – it’s not quite a Non-Linear Editor, but also not quite Photoshop. In trying to explain or teach After Effects I look back at my own history of learning the program.

Once I learned the fundamentals by working through a book – my growth in After Effects came from working with Templates – yes… templates.

Using a template is not like being given a piece of stock footage – it’s like being given a small factory. You put in your own assets and it creates a final effect. But there’s SO MUCH more you can do with a template if you dig down into project file – you can customize each detail and break down the effect and reverse engineer the techniques used.  You can study the organizational structure of the template – and organization can be a big issue in complex After Effects projects.

After Effects Templates are also a great way to learn new graphical styles and techniques. Just find a template you like and start working. Soon you’ll start to grasp what elements make up that style.

So we’re really excited to announce our new giveaway from our friends at BlueFX. We were able to “twist the arm of Szilard” the CEO of BlueFX into offering a package of their most popular logo animation packages.

The Top IQ Points leader for the month of July will receive not one… not two… but All Three Logo Supercharger packages (worth a total of $597).

Each of these supercharger sets contains 10 After Effects templates that’s 30 different templates all together!

No special plugins are required and they each come with tutorials to show you how to get started even if you’re new to After Effects. Imagine all the different animations and styles you can create and learn just with these templates.

Wanna get started now? Check out this FREE After Effects Logo Animation Template from BlueFX and get started playing with and learning After Effects. Make sure you check out the rest of their fantastic catalog of After Effects projects.

So how do you earn points on Filmmaker IQ? Here’s a breakdown of everything you can do.

Hurry up you – only have a few days left – Our point count will end at midnight of August 1, 2017.


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