And so now we come nine complete years with Filmmaker IQ.

It is hard to wrap my mind about that figure “9 years” but what might be more frightening is realizing that soon it will be 10 and then 11 and so on. The future looks so slow to get here but the past can’t seem to get away fast enough.

The past two or three years… have not been easy… In fact they have been the hardest of my entire life professionally and personally. Much of that time was dedicated to building this very site. We’ve been through hundreds of designs, countless programming updates, visual layouts, pages and pages of settings, over 3,000 quiz questions – each set up by hand… I tell you think not to garner pity but to give context to what it is we are trying to do here.

So what are we trying to do? I guess I could go into some prose about how I feel like filmmaking is the ultimate human connection – how we come from telling stories of the hunt around flickering campfires to stories of heroes on a massive flickering screen. I think I’ve been writing a version of that line for the past eight years – the loftiness of the vision doesn’t hide the truth but in all reality, what we’re doing here is much simpler than that.

We just want to make the world a slightly better place.

With all the tribalism, superficialism, and crudeness in the way we treat each other that is permeating the world… I just can’t play that game. And the only way I know how is to share my love of story through motion picture – a love that grows with each story I tell. Through that history, I hope that you might discover as I have, that pain and struggle that you think are wholly unique to your life are part of a universal human struggle. We all have triumphs, we all have catastrophes and we all have burdens to bear.

Maybe we can inspire you in some way to tell your story with the most powerful medium ever devised. For in film we can face what is both the best and worst inside of us – our aspirations and darkest fears. Let’s make good on the promise of the digital revolution instead of quibbling over camera brands. While all animals can posture, through film let us exercise that one talent that separates us from all other creatures – the ability to communicate deep and complex ideas… Lets be a community that shares and communicates…

Well there I go being lofty again.

My ever eternal gratefulness to Dennis Hartwig who invited me to join him and make Filmmaker IQ and for pushing me to be better and better. We arrive here together but the best is yet to come.

It’s American Independence day. I think I’m going to go eat some chips and salsa, have a Bratwurst and set off some Chinese fireworks. If Stan calls, you tell him I went to Embers.

All my best,
John P. Hess

P.S. Why don’t you take a crack at today’s Special Anniversary Dailies Quiz – all about Filmmaker IQ.

      1. Dennis Hartwig Zoopraxiscope

        What happened to Bundt Cakes? When I was a kid they were everywhere. Then one day they just disappeared. The “History” Channel needs to stop with the alien and bigfoot stuff and focus on the real conspiracy facing this country, who killed the Bundt Cakes? The best cake ever made is still the lemon-blueberry Bundt Cake. AND I don’t want to hear about all those stupid online recipes. I want that crappy box mix stuff the government has been hiding from us for the last 30 years!

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