Wakey wakey, more eggs and bakey! Here are some more easter eggs and other little savory items you may have missed from your favorite films.

In “Blade Runner” the ‘snake scale’ shown magnified under an electron microscope was actually a marijuana bud.

Marla Singer from “Fight Club” and Teddy from “Memento” have the same phone number.

In “Inception”, Fischer gives arbitrary numbers for a combination he doesn’t know. They later appear again as the blondes phone number from the bar, the hotel room numbers, and eventually the combination to his father’s safe.

Each lens in Morpheus’ glasses have a different reflection of Neo in “The Matrix”.

The clocks in the diner in “Groundhog Day” are stopped.

There are literal easter eggs that can be see in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, after the cast had a hunt on set and didn’t find them all.


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