Behind the scenes photos of voice actors serving as visual reference models for Walt Disney’s 14th animated masterpiece, “Peter Pan” (1953).

Kathryn Beaumont as “Wendy Darling”, Paul Collins as “John Darling”, a Mickey Mouse doll as “Michael Darling”, Heather Angel as “Mrs. Darling”, and a sack of clothes with a plunger strapped to a metal box as “Nana”

Bobby Driscoll as “Peter Pan” and Walt Disney

Kathryn Beaumont as “Wendy” and Bobby Driscoll as “Peter Pan”

Kathryn Beaumont and Paul Collins as “Wendy” and “John Darling”

Paul Collins as “John Darling”


The Lost Boys kidnapped by the Indians

Margaret Kerry as “Tinkerbell”

Margaret Kerry (top/redhead), June Foray (middle/blonde), Connie Hilton (right/brunette), and Karen Kester (on left in gif below)

Tommy Luske as “Michael Darling” and Kathryn Beaumont as “Wendy Darling”

Kathryn Beaumont as Wendy with Roland Dupree as Peter Pan

Hans Conried as “Captain Hook”



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