*WARNINGThe announcement below is unnecessarily long, overdramatic, mis-speled and the critical information, regarding your account, is way down towards the bottom.

Greetings People of Earth (and The Kardashians). Those of you who have stalked Filmmaker IQ may have thought we had died (and not just because of the smell). I certainly don’t blame you – we haven’t posted on here since Hector was a pup. As you may have noticed, we have made some minor tweaks to our webiste. It was over two years in the making. There are many reasons why it took so long. One reason is, we have been camped out for tickets to the Baywatch Movie since last November. Prior to that, there was my ill fated 2016 bid for Vice President on the Surprise Party ticket. Also, in retrospect it may have been a bad idea to invest all our development funds into those John Hess action figure dolls. However, most of the delays were caused by challenging ourselves not to use any of the words we wrote on our old site. Needless to say it was very difficult ambitious demanding laborious problematic onerous.

I’m excited because I’ve been dying show you all this fun new stuff we built for a long… long goddam time. What John and myself went through to get here was fun, frustrating and fucking weird. And it continues to be so. Sorry, I know it’s annoying to have me yammering on about the new site. I’m not going to waste anymore of your time by going over all the new toys. Hopefully if we did our job correctly you can discover them on your own. Besides, it’s like telling you what your presents are before you unwrap them.

*YOUR ACCOUNT – This is that critical part I was talking about… if you created your account prior to January(ish), 2017 you will need to register again. Sorry. If you connect via Facebook it will only take a few seconds. If you registered before then everything should be hunky-dory.

So now that the new site is finished (although it will never be complete), go and tell your friends about it, and ask them to come see what we made. If you are annoyed by it, go tell your enemies.

Jesus. that was exhausting. Sorry. I didn’t even ask you how you are. How have you been doing? Oh yeah? Oh good. That’s swell. What? Oh God. That’s rough. I’m sorry… looks like it healed up okay, though. So. Yeah. Yep. I know. I know that’s… yeah. Well… shit happens, give it some time. You’ll be alright. Yeah. What?… Oh. Really? SHE DID? Oh my GOD! hahaha!! That’s INSANE! And she stepped on the ball? That sounds like something she would do. No. No. I won’t tell her you told me. No of course not. Alrighty then… uhuh? Oh wow. Yeah. Alright well… look at the time I really gotta run. Thanks for listening. I’m glad you’re doing okay. Thanks for hanging in there and sorry the new site took so long. Be well. See you around.


If you find any bugs, or just want to bitch about something, post it in the comments below.

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Digenis-Georg Porfyris

Finally you’re Back!!!
we missed you


Hey, just sneeking around and already at the top 5 at your leaderboard (…in June…) ! WOW! Congrats, ur site looks very tabletish cinematic awesome. I’ll be back!!! Yours Tony

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