Composer Gordy Haab explains his approach to creating the music for the game “Star Wars Battlefront” by analyzing John Williams’ original for both the original series and prequels.

Star Wars Battlefront

Some of the first sounds you hear in “Star Wars Battlefront” are instantly recognizable. The exuberant brass notes strike a triumphant tone from John Williams’ signature score, welcoming players before any action has begun. Then things start to change.

Much of “Star Wars Battlefront” (the Dice-developed video game, released Tuesday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PCs) boasts an original score from composer Gordy Haab. His mission: to re-create the sound of the original trilogy without out-and-out copying Williams. Throughout the game, 30-or-so second snippets of Williams’ music are inter-spliced with longer, newer works from Haab.

“The request for the sound of ‘Battlefront’ was to sound as though it was the B-side of the original trilogy soundtrack album — the lost tracks from John Williams that you didn’t get to hear,” Haab said last week. “My goal was to live very much in that world.”

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Tomer Feiner

Haab is brilliant. I once approached him about a remake of an old Indiana Jones video game I was helping out with, trying to get his interest so that if and when Disney would pick up the project he could hopefully arrange and orchestrate the music from the game (it was originally composed by Clint Bajakian, Michael Land and Peter McConnell, themselves I think being quite ahead of their time in their video game music). He was so knowledgeable about John Williams’ techniques. I don’t think I ever talked to anyone who knew so much of this technicality. Kudos to him and best of luck for him with Battlefront II.

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