This video contains the following steps for setting up your speakers for mixing your soundtrack:

1. Use Pink Noise (link address in video) set to -20dBFS (digital scale on timeline – use free Orban Loudness Meter to check and render it to -20dBFS if needed).
2. Adjust speaker level to about 85dBSPL (measure with an SPL meter or a calibrated phone app).
3. EQ speakers and make them as flat (even frequency response) as possible.
4. Play back dialogue and set to just over 60dB (A-weighted) – I said 60 in the video, but trust me for now.
5. Set Loudest FX to under -2dBFS (try -5, even, it depends on how loug the FX will last)
6. Mix music, Foley, ambiences, etc to taste, but don’t change the speaker level!


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This is great. I wish I had this info when mixing my first film.

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