Andrei Tarkovsky

For the first time in the history of the arts, in the history of culture, man found the means to take an impression of time…He acquired a matrix for actual time…the virtue of cinema is that it appropriates time, complete with that material reality to which it is indissolubly bound, and which surrounds us day by day and hour by hour. Time, printed in its factual forms and manifestations: such is the supreme idea of cinema as an art.

Andrei Tarkovsky

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Maziar Masoudian on Facebook

world won`t see such a wise director again .

Leandro N Serra on Facebook

Dar a vida em nome da arte. Tarkovsky não pertenceu a esse plano e nos tomou a todos.

Margit Sibul on Facebook

My absolute favorite…

Dharmaveer M Rao on Facebook

bro…dis was the guy i was tellin abt…one of kubrick’s inspiration…..

Hatem A. Abdallah on Facebook

?????? ???? grin

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